BreviRead is an assisted-reading app that makes consuming long-form content fast, fun and painless.


If you'd like to beta test the app, please reach out to me!

BreviRead is my answer to the wish like Andrej Karpathy's here that many of us also secretly have

BreviRead offers a nourishing, effortless system for reading, perfect for those who struggle to read and absorb long-form content. It is a map for you to navigate your vast amount of information.

  • Dive in at your desired granularity and find the information you need, fast.
  • Make highlights and notes, export them as markdown.
  • Ask, discuss, brainstorm with your AI reading assistant wherever you need it.

Keep in mind, BreviRead does not learn for you. So make sure that you really make an effort to digest the information! After all, the best outcome is for you to learn it, not the AI!